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Kupper Mounts Bike Rack 
Crowdfunding Campaign
Sales Begin March 5, 2019!

Anyone can sell these bicycle carriers to bike shops, guided bike tours, bicycle associations, bike clubs and/or for raising money to build mountain bike trails. But you’ll need to get signed up in Kupper Mounts’ sales database first in order to earn big commissions beginning March 5th!

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Watching these short videos will answer 99% of your questions!

1st Step - Watch this In-depth Kupper Mounts Close-Up Product Review (1:10 minute video)

2nd Step - Watch this Fast, Easy, 2-Minute Kupper Mount Installation  (1:29 minute video) 

Kupper Mounts will be launching a large-scale social media marketing campaign to support its upcoming crowdfunding campaign on that goes live on March 5, 2019.

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Kupper Mount Bike Carrier crowdfunding perks/rewards will begin at $99 and will gradually increase as the campaign increases its sale volume.

  • Sell one Kupper Mount bike rack, earn a US $9.90 sales commission

  • Sell ten Kupper Mount bike racks, earn a US $990 sales commission

  • Sell 100 Kupper Mount bike racks, earn a US $9,900 sales commission

There will be no cap on sales commissions, which means if you are a bike shop owner or manager, a bike mechanic, or a bicycle salesperson you can use your existing network of social media contacts to sell Kupper Mounts and earn a little extra cash during the wintertime sales slump.

The same goes for Meetup Group Organizers, Bike Club Managers, City Council Trail Builders and even College Students who want to make a little extra spending money selling Kupper Mounts to their friends and family members. All commissions will be paid within 10 days once the crowdfunding campaign ends and Kupper Mounts receives its funding check from Kickstarter.

Crowdfunding is a great way for bicycle shops to sell new products without the risk of carrying inventory. We’ll support you by sending you Kupper Mounts spec sheets, sales sheets and videos that you can share with your customers.

You’ll earn a commission on every completed sale and the bike racks will be dropped shipped to your retail location, which is a great way to meet new customers and give them a reason to visit your store. Or they can be shipped straight to the customers address.

The process is simple, click on the most appropriate sales sign-up link below:

Kickbooster Signup Form =>

Once your signed up, you will receive a Unique Tracking Sales Link that will track all social media click throughs and show up-to-the-minute sales statistics and commissions own so you can monitor your progress.

Even better news is that anyone or any retail location that sells 10 or more Kupper Mounts during the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign will be offered the opportunity to become an Authorized Kupper Mounts Reseller.

Sales commissions will jump from the 10% crowdfunding commission to much higher reseller commissions of 50% to 60% depending on your monthly sales volume.

The Keystone Price offered to Independent Bike Dealers (IBD) will be $99 with a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) of $199.

Want to learn more? Watch these short videos!

  1. Kupper Mounts - Product Review - 1:11 YouTube Video

  2. Kupper Mounts - Easy 2-Minute Install - 1:29 YouTube Video

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