Kupper Mounts Bike Racks - Born To Roam, Bike Worldwide!
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Kupper Mounts

smallest bike carrier ever


The #1 Best Way to travel anywhere with a bike

Mounts Quickly and easily to Any Vehicle or rental car In Less Than 2 Minutes!


$199 for Complete Bike Racking System

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back


About Kupper Mounts Bike Racks


kupper Mounts were born to roam, bike Worldwide!

Kupper Mount Bike Racks are Perfect for Traveling with a Bike on Airplanes & Trains.

They Will Fit on any vehicle or Rental car, Van or SUV, regardless of Country.

No Need to Install expensive Luggage Racks or Trailers Hitches


Kupper Mounts, the next generation bike carrier


  • Easily fits inside a book bag for easy packing.


  • Kupper Mount System mounts on any vehicle.

    Quick & Easy

  • Installs in less than 2 minutes.


  • Designed to hold through all weather conditions


  • Carry any bike up to 45 lb.


  • Works with drop outs, thru-axle adapters, mountain and road bikes.

How Kupper Mounts work

Kupper Pumping Gif v1.0.gif

vacuum suction technology

Kupper Mounts pull a vacuum between the mount and your vehicles surface, creating a strong long lasting hold.

Kupper Mount Racks make use of a fork-mount, or fork-mount with thru-axle adapter. The Kupper Mount comes standard with quick-release fork mount for 9mm skewers. 


Features Overview

The Kupper Mount is not only the world's most portable bike rack, but also the most affordable. Easily fits in your checked baggage for airline or train travel and solves the common problem of finding a bike rack for a rental car. Also great when traveling with friends because most cars, vans, trucks and SUVs can carry up to four bikes on a single vehicle using roof tops and windows!


The Kupper Mount Complete Bike Rack System fits most types of vehicles. SUVs, sedans, vans, busses, trucks, cars, electric vehicles and even convertibles. It can be mounted in less then 2 minutes, carried in a book bag, and take your bike anywhere at anytime. It is designed to be durable, reliable, strong and adaptable.



Weight: 4 lbs | Rated to hold bicycles up to 45 pounds | Front Kupper Mount needs only 10” of surface to be mounted | Rear Kupper Mount needs only 7” of surface to be mounted | Operates in temperatures from 10° to 120° Fahrenheit [-12° to 49° Celsius]

Easy and fast to use


The Kupper Mount is setup and ready to use right out of the box. No complicated assembly or tools are required! 

  1. Locate the position needed for the Front Kupper Mount and Rear Kupper Mount.

  2. Clean the contact surface, if needed, and the face of the Kupper Mounts rubber cup as well with a mild soap and water solution and a soft cloth.

  3. Moisten the bottom edge of the vacuum cup or the mounting surface with water.

  4. Press the Kupper Mount against the mounting surface to create seal.

  5. Pump the plunger repeatedly until the Kupper Mount attaches completely. When the safety indicator band is hidden, the Kupper Mount is ready for use.

Kupper Mount Bike Carrier System


what’s included

  1. Front Kupper Mount: This secures the bike’s front forks

  2. Rear Kupper Mount: This secures the bike’s rear wheel

  3. Security Tether: With a steel-braided line running though the center of the strap, this locks your bike to you vehicle. Simply loop through bike frame and drop the end into your vehicle’s door, trunk, or hatch.

  4. Cam-Buckle Strap: Use this in place of the Rear Kupper Mount when mounting your bike on the rear of a vehicle where the Rear Kupper Mount can’t be applied. Simply loop through your rear stays or wheel, attach flat PVC coated hook to either the bottom lip of trunk lid or the bumper, then cinch tight.

  5. Pedal-Stay Velcro Strap: Wrap this around your crank arm and bike frame to keep your pedals from back-spinning while traveling down the road.

  6. All-In-One Carrying Case*: Your Kupper Kit has a home! Store your entire Kupper Mount System in the conveniently portable carrying case when not carrying your bike. *Image is only for representation purposes and is not the actual case design.

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“A revolutionary bike transport system at an amazing price!!“ — Sean Fischer

“The perfect bike rack system for anyone on a budget, or anyone looking for a quick and easy way to mount a road or mountain bike on your car without adding costly and complicated traditional rack system.“ — Lisa Pohen

“The Kupper Mount was the perfect addition to my cycling travel gear bag. Even though I already own a complete Yakima roof rack system, I frequently grab my Kupper when I want to carry an additional bike or when traveling with a friend. I also bring it in my carry on luggage when traveling and renting a car since they rarely include bike racks“ — Robert Harris

“When I first received the Kupper Mount I was completely shocked by the build quality of this bike rack. Its constructed from the highest quality components. The front mount is the size of a big frisbee! Upon mounting it on my vehicle, I hung my body weight from it and it didn’t budge even slightly. Its very fast to install and remove. This will be invaluable when I’m traveling with rental cars since they never include a bike rack.” — Jeff Brown.

An experience like nothing else