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How to Market Kupper Mounts
for Sale via Social Media

Looking for the best ways to market Kupper Mounts Bike Racks that Are For Sale on Kickstarter?

Social Media Marketing Tips & Tricks

The following social media marketing tips, tricks and marketing messages are great for not only marketing Kupper Mounts “Bike Racks” and “Bicycle Carriers,” but they are an awesome strategy for Bike Shops, Bike Dealers, Bike Clubs, Bike Associations, Bike MeetUp Groups and want to reach new customers and increase bike sales for a very effective price tag.

1st Step - Setup Social Media Accounts

Set up one or more of the following social media accounts for marketing your biking business or group.

Facebook - Setup a personal Facebook profile. Add lots of biking content text, photos and videos and add as many friends, family members and business colleagues as possible. The more, the better.

Facebook Page - Setup a Facebook Page, which is a page to highlight your business products and services

Facebook Group - Setup a Facebook Group so that your customers, members, and fans can chat together

Other Facebook Groups - Join as many Facebook Biking Groups as possible!

Instagram - Setup an Instagram personal profile and link to your Facebook personal profile

LinkedIn - Setup a LinkedIn personal profile and build up a nice resume detailing your experience

LinkedIn Page - Setup a LInkedIn Page for your business and add as many industry contacts as possible

LinkedIn Group - Setup a LinkedIn Group for your city or state for mountain biking and cycling enthusiasts

Pinterest - Setup a Pinterest personal profile for sharing biking related images

Twitter - Setup a Twitter account profile and follow as many biking related accounts as possible

YouTube - Setup a personal or business YouTube video accounts for sharing free video TV commercials

2nd Step - Create Buffer, HootSuite or Sprout Social Media accounts

Connect all of your social media networks to one of the social media marketing apps. Our favorite is and go ahead and pay for the Professional Edition, which is $10 only a month, or get a discount when paying for a full year subscription

Once connected, download the Buffer social media sharing app for your preferred browser. This will allow you to right click on an image in any news story on the internet and share it with every single one of your social media networks at the same time.

Start a free WordPress website or blog and beginning writing posts about Kupper Mounts bike carriers as well as other biking products and service that you sell. Make sure to include at least one picture. WordPress will also allow you to connect all of your social media account via it Publicize feature.

Anytime you write and publish a post, it will automatically share it with all of your social media accounts. It is an excellent way to publicize Kupper Mounts bike racks that are for sale on Kickstarter, while publicizing your own business at the same time. It is easy and very, very cost-effective for any small business.

3rd Step - Setup Newsletter/Email Marketing Program

In addition, setup a Constant Contact, MailChimp or any other newsletter publishing account. Import all of your customers into its database. You can then push newsletters and email blasts to all of your customers for free or very little cost.

4th Step - Sign Up for a Kickbooster Sales Account

If you don’t have one setup yet, sign up at: to setup a Kickbooster Sales Account that will generate a custom, unique CRM sales tracking URL for you.

Share this Kupper Mount CRM sale link anywhere including social media posts, blog posts, newsletter and email blasts. Anyone that clicks on your CRM sales link will be tracked. If they buy one or more Kupper Mounts bike racks you will receive a 10% sale commission for each $99 unit sold. The sales commission will rise as the prices for the Kupper Mounts Rewards begin to rise as each level of perks begin to sell out. Prices may go up as high as $199, which would pay a sales commission of $19.90.


Have questions? Call Robert Hoskins, Crowdfunding PR, at 512-627-6622 for more information on the best way to market, publicize and generate more sales via social media marketing!

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